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There seems to be a disconnect between medical practice and health. Despite our advanced technology and open access to information, a high percentage of our modern population is 'broken' and dying from preventable diseases, but they don't know why or how to fix themselves. Most doctors don't recommend anything more than vague guidelines about lifestyle even though there is hard science that explains exactly what your body needs to function optimally. 

My name is Krissanne Zaldua, I have a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and a passion for preventative and wellness medicine. I have always believed good practice was the way to good health: I was a vegan, I stayed active, and I emphatically told my patients that if they followed the doctor's advice, they would get better!  As the years went on I became frustrated by my own minor health issues and I noticed many patients were not getting better. I moved to emergency medicine to ease my heart-aching feelings of helplessness for my patients, which helped a little, but then opened my eyes to a whole new set of patients that were not 'getting better'.  The final straws were when my first child developed asthma (we have no family history of asthma - or anything, really) and I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. 


At that point, I stopped working as a nurse, but I continued to stay on top of the published medical science and started to read more on the body's inner workings and what goes wrong in diseases.  Now, 16 years later, I have not only helped keep my daughter's and my symptoms away but have also helped some family members with their issues.    

Just so you know:  I have to work at staying healthy. I gain weight easily, I love junk food, I have to remind myself to exercise, and make myself go to sleep on time!  I am almost 50 and, when I follow my own advice, I feel great and that makes it well worth the effort.

I want to use this website as a place to consolidate the facts I have learned on health and healing. I also would like it to be a platform of reference and discussion about how we can use this knowledge to give ourselves an edge - a headstart - to feeling great while we live longer! 





Starting with a sure-fire way to feel better, many topics on how and why  health measures are worth applying to your life are here.



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