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A staple: The Sharing Salad

There is this salad that, if casually put on the table or left out on the kitchen counter will disappear. Everyone loves it. I learned how to make the dressing from my French friend, M.L., (who thought I was daft when I was raving about it in her kitchen) and then I remembered a quote from my best friend who was a missionary in The Dominican Republic, 'they just use lemon and salt and it makes the cabbage so satisfying to eat'.

Here are the ingredients:

Lemon Juice - 1 or more lemons

Garlic - a clove or more crushed, chopped, or pressed.

Sea Salt - 2 pinches or more

Olive oil - 60 ml (1/4 cup) or more

Kale or Cabbage or other brassica - 150gm or a half a head...or more

Here is the mixing order:

Squeeze the lemon into a serving bowl; add garlic, salt, and olive oil. While the garlic flavor infuses into the oil and the salt dissolves in the lemon juice, cut or chop the brassica of your choice. I tend to like kale, especially the cavalo nero, in chunky squares and the cabbage into linguini shapes...I don't know why....

Then toss the leaves with the dressing. The more bitter the leaves are the longer the marinade to optimal taste, but usually 10-20 minutes is enough.

It can be left out for a day and put in a cool spot/fridge for the night and it still tastes good.

There are some nice nutrient features of this salad.

Magnesium - responsible for tons of body processes, magnesium is at the centre of every chlorophyll molecule, so greens are a fantastic source. We can never eat too much magnesium!

Antimicrobial properties of garlic - supports the body against viruses and fungi.

Cancer fighting properties of brassicas - A compound called sulforaphane has a significant effect on the excretion of chemical pollutants, catalyses protective enzymes, and can reduce inflammation in the body. You get much more of this compound when you eat it raw.

My prima wanted me to send her the recipe for this salad so I jokingly made a video for her; now she makes the salad, too! Here is the video in case that helps you go for it :)


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2 comentários

Lynn C Belobradic Joyce
Lynn C Belobradic Joyce
12 de jun. de 2020

Hi Krissie, I love yourr kale / cabbage salad and will make it this week. I also liked you skeleton helper!


This looks great! I will be trying it out :D

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