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Best COVID-19 Resources I've Found

Besides the general news and government updates, the amount of COVID-19 information being thrown at us via social media and the internet is dizzying and confusing.

Throughout the pandemic I have kept an eye on some people, mostly doctors, that have been steadfast and clear about what is factually going on with this disease. Below is a brief synopsis of each with a link to a report that I have digested and appreciated, but not given in any particular order. Please consider watching/reading more from these authors.

Dr. John Campbell: UK-based nurse reporting on countries around the world and infection trends as well as international research.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick: UK - based medical doctor with the best description of what happening in end-stage COVID-19 that I have read to date.

Med Cram: USA-based medical doctor whose videos focus on small topics, presenting the information in an accessible way that is easy to understand to the general population.

Dr. Mike Hansen: USA-based medical doctor whose videos are in-depth and clear and occasionally include some humour. They may be too technical and too long for some people.

I have also found the tweets of front-line healthcare professionals to be invaluable. Two I follow are Caitlin Rivers, PHD and Leora Horwitz, MD.

Honorary mention: The Guardian, specifically This article about 200 individual healthcare workers who have died of COVID-19. I am still sorrowful and enraged at the conditions that left these people at risk while they cared for the rest of us.

I would be interested if you have found a trusted source of COVID-19 information that you follow?

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